Wednesday, February 3, 2010


My grandson Joshua is off to Astrocamp in the San Jacinto Mountains. This is his first time to leave the state without his mom or dad. The camp is located in Idyllwild, CA. I pray for a safe fun trip for him.

I love you Joshua!
UPDATE: He had a great time and is now home safe.

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The Pink Birdhouse said...

Hi Cherrie, I was so glad that you had found my humble blog and left comment to let me know you had been there. It is a pleasure to meet someone new! I was reading your profile and it was as if I had been reading my own. I too love the ocean, very very much and coming originally from NJ I was not far from the Atlantic. Now I don't get to see an ocean except once a year, if that, and I miss it terribly! I love the sound of the waves, the smell of the salt air, walking thru the sand, looking for shells. Ahhh!! I also love the mountains, and when we can DH and me travel some place here in germany so we can be higher up then in this flat area we live in. We were in the Alps in Oct., in the black forest mountains last year. And we live near the Eifel mountains about an hour away. I love nature too, and with all the snow that we have had this winter, I have immensely been enjoying walks in the woods with our dog Cody. We have been able to find deer tracks there, and that was very exciting. I watch all the birds in the yard and have a book at hand to check out any ones that I do not recognize! the birds are different here then in NJ and I enjoy learning about them. I guess hearing all this, you can imagine how much I am enjoying our new baby chick that I posted about. It is so adorable, and so pretty! I wish that I could sit and hold it all day long, but we try only to pick them both up once a day so as not to upset the mommy hen. I read your post about the book, "More than Petticoats", and I think I know what book I would like to order over Amazon next time! it sounds fascinating, and jus the kind of book that I like. I have read things like, "It Happened in...." and those books have different stories about events in the various states. I of course read the one for NJ first! :-)

warmly, Debby