Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Backyard Visitor

I know it is a squirrel and you say what's the big deal about a squirrel. Well the thing is we don't get very many squirrels here in southern AZ. I live 30 miles southwest of Phoenix. I asked my Dad if he ever saw one in the many years he lived here and he said NO! My son and myself saved this little guy. He was on my back porch screaming because two stray cats had him cornered. Since I store my bird seed on the porch in a plastic bucket, I must have dropped some seeds. I think he was trying to get some seeds when the cats spotted him. We saved him this time. I hope the cats don't get him! He was so cute!


Anonymous said...
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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No squirrels in your area...girl in a way your lucky...I have so many that I would love to send your way..hahaha
They get in the attic and everything worrys me that they could start a fire in this ole house.
Why don't you do a story for my site? I know everyone would love to get to know you better. Think about it and let me know


Donna said...

Poor little guy. We have an abundance of squirrels where we live, and they're always in our bird feeders. My two doxies like to chase them.

June said...

We don't have them here in the area of Idaho I live in either, and they are such cute little things. I'm so glad you could come to his rescue.
I was so sorry to see that you have RA. My sister also has it and it truly can be debilitating. I hope you have more good days than bad. I know how hard it can be.