Sunday, September 19, 2010


My dad made the hard life saving decision to go on dialysis this last week. He is doing good but is still very weak. Please continue to pray for him and my mom who is so tired every day going to the hospital but keeps on going.
As for Me, I am doing good. My leg still feels like it's not my leg! lol I hear this is normal. I can't wait until all the healing is done and I am as good as new!
this picture above was taken in 2008 on one of my visits to NM. When I get well enough I want to go see my dad! I miss him!


Terra said...

Prayers for healing for you, and great success with the dialysis for your dad. That will be great when you can travel to see him.

Nezzy said...

Oh sweetie, I've been lax and didn't know about your surgery. I just pray that your recovery is speedy so you can make that trip to see your precious daddy.

God bless you and take care sweetie!!!

Anonymous said...

Prayers going up for you, your dad and your mom. Hope to hear soon that your leg is all healed, your dad is doing great and your mom is rested. Hugs

Diana said...

Just popped over for a first visit. I hope you are feeling better after your surgery and will be able to visit your folks soon.

Come see me.

Carmen C. said...

Cherrie, you are in my prayers sweet friend for a speedy recovery as well as your beautiful parents, sending big get well ((HUGS)) to all of you!!!!

Chicken Wrangler said...

It seems there is a lot going on in your life right now. And you are going to visit the folks? Wonderful!