Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Whip it"

Has anyone seen this movie "Whip it" I really liked it. Made me think back when I was a teen and thought it would be cool to be on a Woman's roller derby team. But I was never that good on skates.
I am trying to watch more movies this year, at least a couple a month. Does anyone have any good movies they can recommend?


Lindsay-ann said...

My daughter and I went to see 'Whip It' last year. We really enjoyed it and it made my daughter get her old skates out again.
Have you seen 'Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging'? Don't be put off by the name! It's an english film and really good. We can definately recommend it.

Deb said...

Country Strong is good, and so is Dilema

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hey honey. No I have not seen this one yet. I loved watching Diane Keaton in all her movies. Something's Got to Give, It's Complicated and Just Because I Say So. They are all great.
Thanks sweetie for leaving me such a sweet comment about my loss of Forrest
Hope your doing well