Sunday, June 19, 2011


Anyone else having problems posting comments? I have had problems for the last two days! It is very frustrating!


The French Bear said...

Yes, I almost hate blogger!!!!!
Margaret B

Terra said...

I have been successful in leaving comments, and know how frustrating it is when it won't let you. Hey, I hope this works right now :)

Sandra said...

yes, to problems commenting, the worst ones are th embedded forms, they require loggin in each time you comment and sometimes disappear. if this is your problem, when the log in box comes up, unclick the stay logged in box and it will take your comment.
got a kick out of the shampoo joke

Marilyn said...

Yep.... Almost to the point of cussin'..... The worse is the embedded thingies... like my music. It won't come on automatically anymore. I understand it has to do with having Explorer 8.
Have a Wonderful Day Anyway!

Donna said...

I had problems with that too. When you sign in, be sure not to click on the box that says "stay signed in". That might help.