Monday, November 14, 2011

"A" for Allyssa

Here is a little craft project I did for Allyssa. I had made a pink one for Angelica (forgot to take picture), so Allyssa wanted one too.

I got the A at Michael's for about $3.  I used orange paint since that is her favorite color.

I gave it 3 coats of paint

Then I gave her some different choices

She picked the gems (top picture). But you could really customize these to anyone likes. They are so easy to make even kids could make them. Michael's sells all kinds of little pre-painted pieces. Even for boys you could use cars, trucks or animals.  The whole project cost very little.

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Nezzy said...

This is one very creative A post sweetie and I bet Allyssa was one happy little gal!!!!

Terrific...I give you an A+ sweetie.

God bless and have a fantastic week!!!! :o)