Sunday, February 1, 2009


My friend Theresa got us tickets for the Coyote game last night. We were in the Toyota Club. This Club is located between the locker rooms. So when the players come out we are right there to see them. So Cool!

We had great seats, on the 5 row.

Me showing off my ticket! They were $180. dollar tickets, thank God we didn't have to pay for them. They were given to her from her cousin who couldn't go because he is in Tampa for the Super Bowl. Go Cards!

Theresa and I got our picture up on the jumbo tron again. Someone up there must like us!

My fav player # 13 Daniel Carcillo got into 2 fights almost 3 and spent most of the game in the penalty box.


"Can Daniel come out to Play"

Here is Daniel and Olli in the box again! It was a very exciting fast pace game. But in the end the Coyote's lost to the Sabres.

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Anonymous said...

5th row - what great seats you had and if the guy can afford $180.00 seats and the Super Bowl - he's living the good life.

I'm glad you had a great time!