Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grand Kids

I love taking pictures with my grand kids. Here is Nicholas and me. He's kind of making a face. Maybe he didn't fell like having his picture taken. Or maybe he needed to take a poop!

Allyssa and me! She loves having her picture taken. She had lost her front teeth here but they are coming in now. She is a beautiful girl inside and out!

Getting Joshua to set with me to have his picture taken is not easy. He thinks he is too old and cool. The preteen years have began. He is a very handsome young man. He will be 12 in Dec. where has all the time gone. We took this picture at church on Easter.
I love black and white and sepia tone pictures. I think they look classy and timeless.


Suzie said...

Hi, Cherrie!
These pictures are so precious!!
WOW!! At first, I thought Allyssa was your daughter! Once you had your profile photo with Allyssa, right? How old is she? My daughter is 13 years old. Cherrie, you don't look grandma!!

Kelly said...

Yes, you do make a young Grandma but I Know you love those kids a ton. They are all adorable. :)