Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shoes I wish I could wear!

Shoes I wish I could wear. These sexy red heels! I also wish I had her legs too! lol
Maybe these flirty pink heels!

Or these chunky hot pink ones.

Now these look like they would be good dancing shoes. How about the swing!

These cuties look retro!

Or go on the wild side with animal prints!

Or the barely there jewels!

Disco night with the chunky yellow heels!

Just love the polka dots!

Pretty in pink!

The black tie event, Here I come!

But no I am stuck in my comfort shoes!


JyLnC said...

I love shoes, too. I used to wear cute shoes but since my doc tortures me with daily Blood Pressure meds my tootsies hate cute shoes. I still love them though.

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

I'm stuck in the flat ones too Cherrie! I am just too pigeoned toed to carry heels off with class! I tend to be a "comfort girl" myself.
I'm so glad you are in our book club and love all your comments. I will look for Leota's Garden. I think it's really cool your church has a book club!

Take Care,

babbler said...

Hello Cherrie, I generally prefer to slide bare tailed, although there are nights that I go out with Mr. Slug where I will choose to wear my kitten heel with a peek of tail. It is a pink shoe. Do you know anyone who would like the other one? They sell them in pairs but I can only wear one at a time.
Have a pleasant day!
Love, Mrs. Slug :)