Sunday, September 6, 2009

Newport Beach ~ Dave's Birthday

I wish I was a Newport Beach today because today would have been Dave's 48th birthday. He has been gone for almost three years now. Sometimes it just seems like yesterday other times it seems much longer.

This picture of Dave and me was taken at Newport Beach in 1999. We spent almost every weekend there while he was working a construction job near by. We loved Newport!

This was taken on Halloween; we were getting ready for a Bar-B-Que that night. We lived in this little RV while he was working in California.
I miss you Dave!
Since I can't be at Newport Beach right now, the next best thing is to visit Newport through a webcam.


Lindsay-ann said...

Newport Beach looks so lovely. It's good you have those wonderful memories of that place and your special Dave. The pictures are beautiful, you both look so happy.
I am thinking of you on this difficult day and sending you a big hug all the way from England.

ShySongbird said...

As a fairly new visitor to your blog Cherrie I had no idea.....What an indescribably difficult time you must have had over the last few years. My heart goes out to you X