Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"The 9th Judgment" by James Patterson

Has anyone else read the new James Patterson book "The 9th Judgment." If you have I am curious what you thought?


Anonymous said...

I just finished it last weekend!! It was fabulous....vintage Paterson as it was a twist & turn plot & sub-plot right to the last few pages!! An absolute MUST READ!!!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

No I haven't read it but after reading Marilyns comment I guess I should. lol
My daughter reads all of his so I will ask her if she has...I have not become a fan of his yet.
I add a author comment on my site named Matlock very nice lady...she has novels out so I am excited about finding hers. Look under my post about my daughter being diagnosed with Celeacs and you will see her comment...she has this disease.
also Brenda from Cozy Little House I think is the one that commented and left her address...boy is it my age or the hit on my head..hahaha
Got to get back in bed