Monday, May 17, 2010

Vacation ~

I have been longing to go on vacation this summer but since I am now on a fixed income there is no way I can afford to go any where. So I am going on an Internet vacation. First stop is the Eiffel Tower. Just looking up, it is so beautiful!

Next stop the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor! These men gave the utmost sacrifice; their lives for our great country.

Next on the Niagara Falls to see one of God's natural beauties! So pretty and so loud!

And last but not least NY to see the Statue of Liberty. Who I like to call Ms. Liberty! Isn't she beautiful!
I am tired from all this traveling; but I am going to go again! Where should I go next?


Lindsay-ann said...

I loved your virtual vacation today. Please stop off in Yorkshire and visit me on your way to The Eiffel Tower! Here in England we are going to be doing a lot of 'virtual' visiting this year. Have you heard about the volcano in Iceland that is erupting and causing chaos with air travel in Europe? It could continue doing this for months or even a year.
I would love to visit Niagara Falls one day. It's so spectacular.
Where to next?
Want to join me in Venice?

Anonymous said...

Our vacation will be cyber too!!
With all the money we have been pouring into the gas tank for these treatments....whew.....

Kathlene said...

Hi Cherrie! Be sure to include Hawaii in your virtual vacation. Check out the gorgeous white sandy beaches, oh and don't forget snorkeling shots of the colorful tropical fish!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

You should go to Mackanac Island and visit the Grand Hotel. And of course there is always Hawaii!
Enjoyed the pics...I think that will be our vacation this year also!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

This too is my vacation this year after my fall...mind if I come along with you.
I have been dreaming of Italy myself would that or could that be your next visit.
Laughed so hard when I read your comment you left on my site..and girlfriend it hurts to laugh.
Back to bed for me

Liz said...

A virtual vacation is about all we can afford too! Thanks for sharing yours.... Maybe Alaska should be your next stop? :)


Donna said...

How about Tuscany!! Looks like you've had a wonderful time so far! (isn't the internet just great)