Monday, August 2, 2010

Back to School

My two older grand children will be back in school starting Wednesday. I am going to miss them they have kept me company this summer. It will be quiet without them here. I can't believe how early they are starting school this year. It gets earlier and earlier every year. When I was going we didn't start until after Labor Day. This is the first year I was not able to help them buy the school supplies and I feel sad about that. But I am on a fixed income now and I just didn't have any extra this year. I am going to plan better for next year so I can help some. That is another thing that has changed since I went to school. All our supplies were furnished by the school. Oh well I guess that is just one of many things that happened in the good old days! lol


Bernie said...

The kids here are going back to school early as well, I wonder why this year is so different.
So glad you were able to enjoy them as much as you did this summer. .......:-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

School here starts August 19th like it has for many years. The list for school supplies seem to get longer and more expensive every year. It is hard for a lot of parents to buy them. There are organizations here that will help out though and that is nice.

School always started after Labor Day when I was going to school and when my older kids were in school too. Hugs