Saturday, August 14, 2010

Heat Warning!

Excessive heat watch issued for Phoenix area this weekend!
Yes, we are having extra hot temperatures. Today we are expected to reach 110 degrees. I am so sick and tired of this heat!
I can't wait for Fall to come! I am looking forward to the crisp cool air! But I know it is a couple months out for us!
But I can dream about it!


Lindsay-ann said...

It's 60 degress here at the moment. Wish I could send you some cool breezes. I can't imagine 110 degrees.

Anonymous said...

Oh, me too! I am so ready for cooler weather. It is 105 on my porch in the shade and with the heat index added in it is around 118. This is a year that I and I am sure others will remember for a long time. I am hanging in with you, surely we will get some relief soon. Hugs

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Cherrie Sweetie...
Yes today has been a hot one. I went to my hair appointment at 7am this morning just to get out of the heat, anyway try to avoid it.

Love the graphic today. It definitely resembles heat. Even the pool feels like a sauna. To hot to go outside.

Unfortunately for us here in the valley, I don't think it cooled off at all last year.

Have a great day sweet friend. I so love to come and visit. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Bernie said...

Oh my that is hot my friend, I don't think we have ever been that hot here in Alberta, no wonder you are wishing for Fall. Stay cool, inside and safe........:-) Hugs

Terra said...

Now that is altogether TOO hot. I am your newest follower and will say hi on facebook too. Terra