Thursday, March 31, 2011

Surgery Day

Nicky had his surgery today. Everything went well. His throat & ears are a little sore but he is feeling better. He sure is a cute patient!
Here he is with his mama! He's a mama's boy! Sorry dada but it's true! He wanted me to buy him something from the vending machine because he was hungry. Poor little guy had to wait.

During his surgery we went to sit in the court yard. I said a quick prayer for God to watch over him!

It was beautiful and peaceful. It was early morning so the heat wasn't full force yet! We have already been in the 90's and weather man says we could hit 100 tomorrow. Tomorrow's my birthday, great gift first 100 degree day of the year!


Bernie said...

So glad his surgery is over and all went well.
Have a Happy Birthday.....:-)Hugs

Marilyn said...

So glad all is over.... prayers for a swift recovery!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Happy Birthday my friend! I wish I had known before now. What are you doing today for your birthday?
So happy precious went through his surgery and everything went well.
Boy he is a cutie.
Enjoy your day
Love ya