Monday, March 21, 2011


Well the weeds are gone. My son chopped them down yesterday. Allyssa saved the two flowers that were growing amongst the weeds. I didn't have any flowers like these in my yard but my neighbor did. So a little birdie or wind must of blown the seeds over for them to grow.
Today we received lots of rain so a new crop of weeds will probably come up. Maybe I will get another flower or two!


Deb said...

pretty flowers....

Candy said...

I always get sad when the mower cuts down EVERYTHING. Those look like good specimens for pressing.
Thanks for coming by.
Blessings ;-)

Liz said...

Awe! Those are sweet! I always wonder how the neighbors feel about those yards that are COVERED in the daises. I think they look so pretty...but then when they die they really do just look like weeds... Just the difference in a couple of days. :)

Enjoy the rain! :)


Anonymous said...

Now weeds yet. Our ground is still frozen & covered with snow! Ugh!!
Where O' Where is Spring???