Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Marilyn

June 1, 2011 Marilyn Monroe would have celebrated her 85th birthday.

She was a very beautiful woman. I wonder if she had any ideals that she would still be this popular after her death.

I wonder if her death was an accidental over dose or murder!

I have always been fascinated about Marilyn because my Mom named me after her character in "Bus Stop" Except my Mom added an extra r to my name.

Here is a few of my Marilyn collectibles

My late boyfriend was a Marilyn fan. This was his Marilyn phone. It has air that blows her dress up.

So what do you think accident of murder?


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Like you I have always been curious about Marilyn and would love to know the real truth.
I honestly think it was Murder and of course was covered up like so many things were at that time.
Hope your having a great week.
My daddy was born on this day too.
I miss him so much

Jessica said...

Man I am clearly not a Marilyn fan, I had no idea today was her birthday! I do however have Audrey ALL over my walls. I love the classics :)