Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trial & Error

We were playing around taking pictures with the door mural I have but they didn't come out like I wanted. To much glare from lights and camera flash. I even turned flash off and it still didn't take good pictures. Live & learn I will search for a solution. Any ideal?


Terra said...

These are beautiful grand kids.

Donna said...

Your grand kids are adorable.

Inside pictures are difficult unless you have a lot of sunlight coming in the windows.

Enjoy your weekend!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Your babies are so beautiful. Sorry honey when it comes to taking pictures I would be the last friend to ask. lol
Just had to come by this morning and say hello before I walk out the were right Friday did get here for me. hahaha
I am reading the 10th Anniversary now that you were telling us about. I bought it for Christi and ended up reading it first. Bad I know but she knows her mother
Have a safe and Happy weekend
Love ya