Monday, August 15, 2011

Las Vegas~ part 1

This was the first picture taken with my camera and it was also the last. I wanted a new camera and now I need one. This picture is of Lake Mead from our plane. I wanted to get one of the new bridge over Hoover Dam but couldn't get the picture from our little window. Thanks to my sister Cindey for getting this picture for me.

Since my camera died all the rest of my pictures are from my cell phone. Here is the Statue of Liberty in front of the NY NY casino. I have never been to New York to see the real deal but I would love too.

The Eiffel Tower in front of Paris, Las Vegas. I didn't know you can go up in the tower. We didn't get to this trip but maybe next time.

The Stratosphere has been opened since 1996. I have never been brave enough to ride the rides at the top! I'm a little scared of heights!

The Luxor is a beautiful site especially at night!

We didn't get rich on playing the slots at any of the casinos. But we had fun.

Next post Vegas shows and Red Rock Canyon.


Deb said...

it is fun looking at all the sights in Vegas...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Darn I was hoping to read that you won big big big. So happy honey that you did have fun.
Vegas is my favorite place to have fun.