Thursday, May 24, 2012

Joshua's 8th Grade Graduation

My Grandson Joshua graduated last week from 8th. I can't believe he is going into high school next year.

 Him and his group of friends

 He is so handsome and I am very proud of him
 Dad (my son aka Josh Sr) in red stripe & Allyssa (sister), Nicky (brother) and the 2 great grandma's
 Above photo Grandma (me) and his 2 great grandmother's (my mom in white Grandma Shaw in Blk & white) and also little Nicky who wanted in all photos. Do all divorced couples do this Dad's side of family and Mom's side of family?
Joshua's Mom Christina in blue dress and also cousins and aunt. 
 I am just glad we all get along.

These are the cupcake I made him. Very time-consuming but the kids loved them.


Deb said...

that is so cool...the hair styles of the boys remind me of the 70's...

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

How wonderful that you shared such a night with us.
I had to laugh at the part of your glad you all get along.
Joshua is a very goodlooking young man. Growing up fast.
Sorry to read your comment about what the doctor said. One reason I am going to try this vegan diet is because Workers Comp will no longer pay for my drs or meds
Hope your having a good day

~The Robins Nest~ said...

What an exciting week, I love the cupcakes!

Hey I came over because I'm not sure why your neck would be sore from the exercises. My arms were sore and my shoulders but not my neck. This concerns me about your neck. Are you holding your belly button in and bending your knees? I just want to make sure you are okay cause I hate neck pain! I'm only doing 3 pound weights and my arms and shoulders were sore for a couple of days! I'm hoping to go up to 5 lbs next week but don't want to overdo it-I actually already see a difference in my arms with the 3 pound weights~I hope you have a great 3 day weekend! If you have any questions feel free to e mail me at

~The Robins Nest~ said...

Whew! I've had neck pain from whiplash and it's the worse place for pain in my book. I'm glad it is gone now for you. I'm thrilled you are doing this with me. I actually LOVE the workout-It doesn't take long and I see that I'm going to have good results and know that I'm helping my bones in the process.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Hey honey have you come by for my giveaway yet. If not I hope you do. Novica is sponsoring a nice one for me. So put your name in the hat and good luck

Anisha G said...

please check it out!