Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day

Today Nicky and I worked on an art project for his mommy for Mother's Day. Here is the artist and the finished artwork. He doesn't want to wait til Mother's Day. He wants to give it to her today. I told him when his hands were all green he looked like the Hulk. lol Which he is all into now. 


Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Prefect Mother's Day gift. Aren't these the best gifts we can receive on this special day.
Cherrie honey he is just the cutest little boy. I bet he can't wait to give it to his mom. He really did a good job.
Thought of you all day yesterday. Isn't it strange when we think of our friends like that. I guess I need your phone number so when I do I can call and see if your okay. lol
One reason is I was looking at your beautiful book marker you made me and wished that we lived closer.
Hope you have the best Mothers Day ever.
I am going to Austin for mine
Love ya

Deb said...

tried to get my little hotrod to do that for his Mom...he wasn't into painting on friday..just playing in water...