Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Liquid Diet~

 I am so crazy about these two drinks. I could have one for lunch and then one for dinner. And I would be so happy! I have never felt this way about a drink before. I wonder what they put into them that keeps me coming back? lol
Anyone else have something you crave?


Terra said...

That first drink sounds like one I would like, and I am guessing one secret ingredient is sugar. Which I limit; I would probably get my whole day's allotment in one of those drinks.

Sandra said...

Wendy's vanilla frosty and Wendy's wildeberry lemonade... love both

Deb said...

Nutella... It's very addicting

Maggie M said...

I have never had either of these drinks. I crave ice cream but eat very little of it. I am not one to eat or drink a lot of sugary things.

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Trying to see what the first one is. I have not tried either one but now you have me wanting both. haha
We use to have a Wendy's here and I loved their frosty's. haha Thank goodness they closed it down.
Girlfriend you sure have been on my mind a lot so I was thrilled when you came by and said hello.
Worried about you and what is going on so drop me a email sometime and let me know if your okay.
Just got back today from the kids for Thanksgiving. It was good but not the same when we are all not together.
Hope yours was nice.
I miss you

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Jullie Smith said...

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