Saturday, July 6, 2013

Our Branson MO Trip

These are pictures from my family trip to Branson MO in June. My sister Gloria and brother-in-law Eddie, my sister Cindey, my Mom & my son Jeremy & I.

Eddie took this great picture of us on the showboat deck


How the Titanic got in Branson I have no ideal

Loved this butterfly at the Dixie Stampede

At the Dixie Stampede. The Colt of many colors was so pretty.


King Kong he caught us lol



Jeremy trying to steal Forrests candy


Eddie Dreaming of Jennie
Mom having a chat with Forrest.

Cindey as the bride of Frank lol

Jeremy joining the Men in Black ( I am so thankful I have my son Jeremy. He is 4 months sober now I am so proud of him)
My Boyfriend and me :)

Back at the KOA

Cindey and Mom

Cindey a little worried about the storm clouds

This birdhouse was at the KOA I loved it!
We had a blast on our trip. I love spending time with my family. Only thing missing was Cindey's husband Dick who passed away in January. We really missed you Dick :(  I was so glad Mom was able to come with us but we sure do miss our Dad! Love you Dad we will join you in Heaven some day!


Deb said...

Looks like a fun trip...awesome about your son!!! My Mom used to live in Branson

Chase Howard said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures, it looks like you guys had a really fun time! Some friends and I have been looking at some hotels in Branson, MO and we also have been looking at some of the best activities to do down there. What would you recommend we do?