Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas & Crafts

I put the little tree up for Christmas this year. But something is still missing? I just can't figure out what it is? Maybe it is my Christmas spirit. I just can't seem to get with it this year. It is probably the depression of being laid off at Christmas time. I'm going to keep trying to get in the spirit. Now where did I put my Christmas CD's This is the very first Nativity scene I bought when I was first married. Well it has lasted a lot longer then the marriage. lol

Here is a few of the items I am working on for gifts this year! A few of jewelry boxes

And this birdhouse

I have a lot more to do so I better get busy! I still haven't done any baking! Oh my!


babbler said...

Very nice xmas tree! It is very pretty. I hope you get a new job soon, I know this is a tough time to get laid off, stay positive and visualize an even better and more fun place to work for your next gig! Sending you loads of good luck and best wishes for a pleasant holiday from Mr. and Mrs. Slug in Oregon!

babbler said...

Hello again, just thought I would let you know that Mr. Slug is working on finding his next work situation sometime after the first of the year, so I am right there with you in needing to think positive! It was encouraging to me that you came over to visit my blog!