Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been tagged

Joyce at A cup of Joe tagged me so I have to name 6 things about myself.

1) I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I've had it since I was 21 years old. My first signs of the disease were waking up with stiffness in my hands. To date it has affected my hands, elbows, shoulders, neck, knees, and my feet.
I've taken everything from plain aspirin to infusions drugs. I am currently taking an infusion called Rituxan and it seems to be helping.
Living with RA is understanding the balance you need in your life. The right combination of exercise and rest. It you move to little, you will lose the ability and range of motion in some of your joints. Which I have done and regret now. If you over do it, you will definitely feel in tomorrow.
Everyone has their problems in this life they must live with. I choose to live life and find happiness. I believe having a positive outlook is essential to living with RA or any disease; you can't go around thinking poor me.

2) I was still a teenager when I had both of my sons. Just barely 18 when I had Josh and 19 almost 20 when I had Jeremy.

3) My birthday is on April fools day! I've heard it all.

4) I have two different color eyes, One green and the other blue/green.

5) I love Newport Beach California. It has a special place in my heart! My late boyfriend and I spent a lot of time there in late '99. We spread some of his ashes there after he passed away.

6) I love to read, I don't go anywhere with out a book. You never know when your car may break down, and you'll have a book to read. So you will not be bored waiting on the tow truck!


Anonymous said...

RA can be very debilitating and I hope yours remains controllable. My aunt suffered from it and she used to say she should own stock in the aspirin industry.

I think Jane Seymour has two different colored eyes. I know it's pretty rare to have makes you unique. My nephew was born on April Fools Day. He grew to hate all of the jokes that go along with having that birthday. I promise I won't pull a prank on you next April 1.

Have a good week. I hope your job situation resolves itself soon.

Thanks for doing the Tag.

Kelly said...

Cherrie.. I never knew that your eyes were too different colors. That's neat :) I am glad that you have decided to make the best of your life with Ra. My friends mom had it and it was very difficult for her and she never seemed to be happy. She let it take over. I am sure she was in a lot of pain. I am glad I am able to read your blog so I can keep up with what is going on with you and the family,

Love you