Monday, April 4, 2011

School pictures

School pictures sure have come a long way since I was in school. They used to just be a close up shot of your smiling face. Well not anymore. I love these pictures of Joshua & Allyssa. But what I don't love is the price of them. I wish they would make them a little more affordable. But at least I can scan them and share with family even though they don't get their own photo.

I am planning on doing my own little photo shoot with the kids. I am thinking an Hawaiian themed. Since Allyssa's mom is planning a luau theme for her birthday in June. I picked up a palm tree mural for the background now I just need to find the right clothes for them and I will be all set.


Deb said...

nice photos...but I bet your photo shoot will be better...

Donna said...

Great school pictures....quite different from when we were in school! The Hawaiian theme sounds fun!