Friday, April 29, 2011

What do you think?

What did you think of Kate's dress?

I have friends that thought it was too plain and old fashion.

I loved it! The lace was beautiful. Maybe I'm just a plain old fashion girl! lol

And the cake was simply beautiful also! Please tell me what you thought?


Curtains In My Tree said...

Hi There
Well I started watching the event at 5am CST

I loved what all I seen the ceremony was very lovely. Kate did not seem nervous at all

I think the dress is pretty. I just expected more but then brides today go very simply however her being a royal i thought the dress would be more elaborate

I didn't get to see the cake had to leave for work now I see your picture. I'll take a piece please

Darby Alexander said...
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Lindsay-ann said...

I loved Kate's dress. I think it suited her perfectly. She is so pretty that she didn't need anything fancier. It made her look classy and elegant. The whole day was amazing. We all got a day off work to watch so we all stayed glued to the TV. Glad you enjoyed it too. Loved the cake, did you see the other one made of chocolate biscuits/cookies that William had asked for especially? I would have liked a piece of both! LOL.

ms:pinky said...

through ,,the ,whole cermony ,I kept dreaming Of me and HArry ,, if i just take his brother XD .. i loved everything ,,,

CHERI said...

I thought her dress was absolutely gorgeous and just fit for a princess. I personally don't like all the strapless gowns most girls around here are wearing. They can save all that skin for the honeymoon...just my opinion:) I saw exerpts from the wedding and everything was beautiful but understated which I feel was so very appropriate. I do wish them much happiness after William lost so much when he lost his sweet mother.

Lola said...

I liked the dress. I think it shows that she will be a simple and pragmatic princess and will be emotionally accessible to the people. -Lola My Happiness Blog

Hélène (Cannes) said...

I loved this simplicity ... A very elegant simplicity, by the way ... ;o) Her dress and her hair were both perfect !
Have a nice day