Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nicky's 3rd Birthday

 On Dec. 27th Nicholas turned 3 years old

I made his cupcakes

His party was Star Wars themed. I got the light-sabers on

Darth Vader (aka Daddy) made an appearance. Even though Nicky said Daddy he still didn't want his picture with Vader. So Allyssa did.

He had a really good time and enjoyed his party. His brother helped with a little cake on the nose.

I love this little guy. He is just so precious

He loved his cupcakes! lol


Terra said...

That looks like a cool theme party and the cupcakes you made look yummy.

Anonymous said...

Someday he will look back & think you were so-o-o-o cool!!
Happy New Year !!

Deb said...

Happy Birthday big guy....

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What great Birthday pic's. Happy Birthday to a very handsome young man.
Takes after his grandma...right?
Honey I wish I was near showing you the room I am working on upstairs. Girl I have taken on a project that is really big and I want it done already. haha
I will do a post about it one day to give you an idea of what I have gotten myself into.
Hope your have a Happy New Year.
Honey did you say you had a Color Nook too. I can't remember.