Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Night at the Coyotes Game

We went to the Coyotes game Thursday night. Coyotes didn't win but it still was a great game. But I am still bummed about them trading my favorite player Daniel Carcillo

Before the game started we took a few pictures of Allyssa as a Coyote!

Here she's the goalie!

Me and Allyssa, she is eating her Dots!

We had the section mostly to ourselves. They were good seats!

Allyssa and me being silly!

Here Allyssa gave me a new hairdo!

Joshua Jr, watching the action.

Rosemary, Josh, and Joshua. Little Nicholas didn't get to come, maybe when he is a little older he will also become a Coyotes Fan!

Theresa and me

Us being silly

Theresa, Allyssa and me!
We had a great time and I thank Rosemary for getting us these free tickets from her work.


Liz said...

Hi Cherrie! Looks like fun at the Coyotes game! :)

Thanks for participating in my giveaway... I pick the winner Friday and post it Saturday.
Have a great Sunday!

babbler said...

Go Coyotes! Win! Win! Love, Mrs. Slug