Friday, May 1, 2009

"Happy Birthday Josh"

Today is my oldest son, Josh's birthday. In the picture above he is 8 weeks old and I was 18. I can't believe he is 31 years old today! Where has all the time gone! It just flies by.

Josh is 7 years old in this picture. He loved playing soccer. He played for many years until girls came in the picture and he starting working so he could take them out.

Here he is with his girlfriend Rosemary. This picture was taken just a few weeks back when we all went to the Coyotes game.

Sometimes it is hard to believe he is a grown man now with three children of his own.

Tonight we are all going out to eat and Rosemary is making his favorite cake, German Chocolate.


Kelly said...

Happy 31 to Josh. Great Pictures :)


Suzie said...

Hi, Cherrie!

You look so loverly and shy young mom. What a beautiful picture of you and your son!

Lucky you~!
My oldest sone is only 17 years old. I have long way to go..

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Josh. You look too young to have a son who is 31.