Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Alcatraz, SF Trip Part 2

Our first close-up look of the U.S. Penitentiary, Alcatraz

The ferry ride over was real windy. I think my hair looks like Medusa here! lol, and that face wow.

Almost to shore. I can only imagine what the prisoners thought when they approached.

This area housed the guards and their families.

The Guard Tower

Outside windows didn't let in much light.

Side view looking at water tower in the background.

Waiting to go in at the entrance.

Intake area, clothes, shoes, and towels

Looking up to the upper cells. We didn't get to go up there.

Just a few of the inmates.

This diagram illustrated one of the attempted escapes.

This is how they got out of their cells. The used spoons to make the openings bigger

A lot of the inmates painted while they were in here. But I didn't see any that were very good at painting. Just something to do to help pass the time.

This is one of the fake heads the escapees used so the guards wouldn't know they were out of their cells.

Here is another one. They looked real fake to me, I guess that is why they didn't work!

Inside the cell. Just a desk, toilet, sink and bed. They were pretty small.

This was the recreation yard

Kitchen area and there is a big dining area just to the left of this.


Visitation booth, prisoners on this side visitors on the back side

Visitation rules

Control Room

This is the vault, it was right off the Warden's office

What the guards uniforms looked like.

These were the Wardens. The second man is the one that was the toughest one. I guess he was nick named the Devil.

Please let me out. I swear I am innocent!

Part 3 of my San Francisco trip is Napa Valley. I wil post it in a few days.

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