Friday, June 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Allyssa!

Today is my beautiful grand daughter's birthday. Allyssa is now 9 years old. It is a joy having Allyssa as my grand daughter. She is a sweet young lady. It is fun to do girly girl stuff with her. Like the time we painted our toe nails and she laughed herself silly over grandma's short stubby toes! And going to the play together to see Snow White. I look forward to many years of doing girly things with Allyssa. I never had a daughter but God gave me a grand daughter.

Happy Birthday Allyssa, I love you!

Today I am leaving on vacation to San Francisco. I have never been and I am so excited to go. I can mark it off of my places to see. I will be gone a week. I will take lots of pictures to post when I get back.!

San Francisco here I come!

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Kelly said...

I am glad that God blessed you with Allyssa and It's fun that she is at the age that you can enjoy stuff together. Happy 9 Birthday Allyssa. Have a wonderful time on your trip Cherrie :)